A completely natural product, Deer Velvet Antler is used for a wide range of general health promoting benefits. In Australia it is considered to be a food supplement. However, in Asia it is a fundamental ingredient of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Anecdotal evidence and modern research suggest that there may be many benefits from taking deer velvet.

Some of the most common uses are:

  • assisting the body's immune system
  • supporting stamina and athletic performance
  • restoring the body to general balance and well being
  • provide elasticity in joints and helps build joint cartilage
  • aiding the healing process
















Deer Velvet
500mg x 100 caps

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$59.00 AUD









Deer Velvet
500mg x 50

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Deer Velvet

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$49.00 AUD


Deer Velvet is also used as a nutritional food supplement for your pet, which can assist in better health, vitality, resistance to disease and freedom from arthritis. Go to our other web site www.k9magic.com.au for further information





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